Establishment of the Aboriginal Education Program Categories: Documents, Schools Timelines: Historical Timeline

Aboriginal Education Programs were developed and, by 1976 22 Aboriginal aides were employed across Catholic schools.

The first Aboriginal Teaching Assistant position was first created in Holy Rosary School, Derby.

Catholic education shares a history of almost 200 years with Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. We acknowledge that Catholic schools and educators were involved in actions and systems that damaged and disrupted Aboriginal families, languages and cultures.  It is in this spirit of truth-telling that we aim to take ownership of the past and work towards justice.

Image credit: “Nine Turtles” by Bard Kija Nimarnburr Mungit woman Elaine Cox. Elaine paints about stories told by her people relating to Country, animals and bush fruits, in order to pass on her heritage and culture to her children and grandchildren. She painted “Nine Turtles” while living in Halls Creek in the late 1990s.