Catholic education and policy – party positions

02 May 2019

At every election, the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) asks the major parties – Coalition, Labor and the Greens – a number of questions to clarify their policy positions on key issues of importance for Catholic schools.

This year, the four questions asked were:

  1. As the Commonwealth is the predominant funder of non-government schools, how will your party ensure Catholic schools remain affordable for most Australian families?
  2. What support will your party provide to help Catholic and other non-government schools upgrade learning facilities and keep pace with enrolment growth, given the rising costs of land, construction and classroom technology?
  3. What is your party’s position on the right of religious schools to retain faith-based exemptions from anti-discrimination legislation in relation to staffing, enrolment and policy matters?
  4. Catholic schools are providing an increasing number of pre-school services for families that chose Catholic education. What will your party do to support this important stage of early childhood education?

Click here for each party’s response.

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