CEWA libraries strive for excellence

23 May 2019

A team of CEWA librarians, library officers and technicians have devoted the past two terms to developing a vision to achieve excellence in the service they provide.

Inspired by CEWA’s Strategic Directions 2019-2021, and with the support of CEWA office staff, the group embarked on a process of discussion, feedback, questioning and research to define their vision: 

CEWA school libraries create and support vibrant, inclusive and responsive communities that enrich and enhance literacy and learning in all its diverse forms.

With this vision, the group is striving ahead with actions to convert it into reality for all CEWA schools,  starting with a concerted effort to share stories of great, innovative work from library staff across the State.

Mandurah Catholic College students working together in their library during a lunch break

From promoting reading for pleasure to researching student engagement, achievement and wellbeing, to providing caring, creative and welcoming environments for all students, including those struggling with aspects of school, CEWA school libraries are undertaking unique and important work.

The group will also be running a library-focused series of webinars during CEWA Webinar Week in Term Three.

Keep an eye out for future CEWA News stories featuring school libraries, and if you would like to share a story about your library, or provide insight into how your library could be better supported by the CEWA libraries group, please email sarah.love@cewa.edu.au.

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