CEWA School leaders’ collaborative days

26 May 2017

During the week of 8 May, school leaders from the Perth and Bunbury dioceses gathered to participate in a series of workshops, arranged to support schools with their marketing and school communications. Attendees were also engaged by members of the LEADing Lights team, Aidan McCarthy, Cathy Cavanaugh and Ginno Kelley, who explored the Office 365 tools that are available and how they can best utilise them.

The first two workshops took place at the Northern Metro Collaborative Network days, where leadership teams across primary and secondary schools meet each term to share updates and information around CEWA’s current strategic priorities and projects, and discuss how the system and schools can work together to support them.

The third workshop took place in Yallingup, where school leaders from the Bunbury diocese gathered to participate in the same collaborative workshops, with a specific focus on marketing and communications. Principal Paul Cronin of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Bunbury found the discussion on navigating social media particularly interesting and useful.

The LEADing lights team shared further information with attendees about CEWA’s digital transformation and the services and tools that have been rolled out in schools so far, and discussed how they can use them in their own schools.

Dr Ginno Kelley, Head of Digital Transformation – Teaching, said it was good to meet the principals and see their enthusiasm. “It was great to see them taking advantage of these new tools, despite the challenges they can face in regional schools. We show them these tools, and we can see they’re leading the way with their enthusiasm in leading learning.”

These meetings are enabling CEWA coherence as we focus direction, deepen learning, foster collaborative cultures and secure internal and external accountability (Fullan and Quinn 2016).

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