Commissioner’s report gives voice to WA students

07 February 2018




The Commissioner for Children and Young People has released the findings of a recent survey conducted from a selection of 1,812 school students from across the State.

The year 3 to year 12 students randomly selected from Catholic, government and independent schools, stated that positive relationships with their teachers, peers and families were the foundation to staying engaged at school.

“Having teachers who were interested in their wellbeing, friends and positive relationships with other students and families that were involved and interested in their education are the three key areas for WA students,” Commissioner Colin Pettit said.

“Secondary to these were having a positive and supportive classroom environment, interesting and relevant lessons, a say in decisions that affect them, feeling safe, having help to overcome issues and being mentally and physically well.”

The full report, which was released last week, tables 14 key recommendations that are aimed at improving support for children’s wellbeing at school.

Catholic Education Western Australia’s Acting Executive Director, Debra Sayce said CEWA acknowledges the important work of the Commissioner’s office in giving a voice to children and young people, particularly in education.

“The most recent research that the Commissioner’s office has undertaken will be of great value to the children of our state, and we are now reviewing the findings and recommendations of the report,” she said.

Dr Sayce said that CEWA schools and colleges focused on maintaining welcoming and respectful school communities, where each student could feel safe and supported in their learning and development.

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