Corpus Christi’s digital learning vision showcased on world stage

05 June 2020

Corpus Christi College has become the first school worldwide to feature in Apple’s global campaign for digital creativity in education. 

Last year, Apple sent filmmakers from California to capture footage for their Everyone Can Create video.


The Bateman secondary college has a one-to-one iPad program and a digitally integrated curriculum that inspires students to think differently about how and what they learn.  

The all-digital strategy subverts the idea of the traditional classroom, even integrating iPad use into subjects such as Physical Education and the Arts. 

 The College has experienced particular success in its Digital Creativity course, which was developed by staff and is compulsory for Years 7 and 8.  

In the course students develop and communicate their ideas through music, drawing, photography and video – a technology-enriched approach which then allows learning to be reimagined in all core subjects.  

“Digital Creativity supports the College’s Vision for Learning – ‘Ignite the Spirit’ – which has connection, curiosity, challenge and creativity as its pedagogical foundation,” said Jamie Clark, Director of Digital Integration at the college.  

“By building a culture of creativity with an iPad, students have discovered new talents and developed innovative ways to show their learning.  

“The goal is to prepare students with the critical thinking skills they need to face problems they have never seen before. Teaching students answers prepares them for the questions they expect, but teaching students to think critically prepares students to face any challenge.”

Corpus Christi became an Apple Distinguished School in 2011, reflecting the College’s innovation, leadership and excellence in enhancing learning through the use of digital technology.  

The benefit of digitally integrated learning was further affirmed when the College switched to remote online learning in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Even at short notice, teachers were able to deliver engaging, contentrich programs to their students in a supportive online environment., with overwhelmingly positive and appreciative feedback from parents.  

“It is wonderful to see Corpus Christi recognised as an example of innovative practice in such a high-profile case-study,” said Mandy Connor, CEWA’s Director Teaching and Learning. 

“We know that CEWA schools and colleges are doing great work to ensure that digital technologies are utilised to enhance learning – this includes developing skills and establishing mindsets that allow them to leverage technology to continually learn and adapt throughout their lives,” 

“Corpus Christi College serves as an example within our Catholic education system, and beyond, of what good digital technology integration for teaching and learning can look like,”

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