Curiosity continues with reveal of eight design prototypes

13 February 2017

Last year 40 members of the Catholic education community were selected to participate in Studio Curious, in the beautiful, fit-for-purpose design studio space at Ruislip Street.

The first phase of Studio Curious was the Design Thinking Accelerator which empowered participants including teachers, executives, learning consultants, Principals and Deputy Principals from across Catholic Education to practice design thinking (a proven discipline for realising ideas and solving problems).

Eight prototypes are the result of weeks of group work and each incorporates the six stages of the design thinking process that was taught: read the landscape, frame the challenge, empathise and sense-make, ideate and filter, prototype and refine, present and reflect. The results of the group work is showcased here:

Next steps for Studio Curious

Each of the eight projects contained significant insight and thought which has influenced the thinking of Catholic Education WA. After presentation of all of the prototypes to the Executive, a process of discernment with the Executive and expert advisers has been undertaken to prioritise the implementation of new innovation projects in Catholic education alongside the LEADing Lights design projects which are also underway.

Three major initiatives have been developed and will move into implementation. Each brings together insights from the Studio Curious process. Design and Implementation Sprints will be running for these three initiatives.

The three initiatives are:

  • Teacher Focus (Inspired by ‘System Brilliance’, ‘Passion for Learning’, ‘A School for the Soul’)
  • Leader Focus (Inspired by ‘Classroom Curious’, “Passion for Learning’, Design Thinking for CEWA’, ‘WellMe’, ‘Leading Learning Networks’, ‘System Brilliance’ and ‘A School for the Soul’)
  • Leading Learning Networks (Inspired by Leading Learning Networks, ‘Classroom Curious’, “Passion for Learning’, ‘Design Thinking for CEWA’, ‘WellMe’, and ‘System Brilliance’)

We congratulate all of the fabulous participants in Studio Curious, and look forward to continuing to use design thinking to transform learning for all.

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