The Fourth Week of Lent

09 March 2018


With this week, we begin the second part of Lent.  We ask more and more deeply to be with and like Jesus.  We desire to celebrate the approaching mystery of our salvation with greater freedom and greater joy.

Lead us to the joy of Easter.

May we keep our bodies pure,
– as temples of the Holy Spirit.
May we offer ourselves this day to the service of others,
– and do your will in all things throughout the day.
Teach us to seek the bread of everlasting life,
– the bread that is your gift.
May your Mother, the refuge of sinners, pray for us,
– and gain for us your loving forgiveness.

What you ask of my life seems so right.
It is how I want to live,
following your Son, Jesus, so closely.
And yet sometimes it is so hard to stay on that path.
I cannot do it alone, loving Lord.
I need your help and guidance.
I need to remember your love for me
and I want to remember
how very much I need you in my life.


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