Holy Cross College students brave the cold for LifeLink Sleep Out

08 August 2018

More than 160 members of the Holy Cross College community rallied together recently for its annual LifeLink Sleep Out raising more than $10,000.

The Sleep Out provided students with the opportunity to experience and gain a deeper understanding of homelessness as well as learn about the work of LifeLink agencies.

The College’s Mini Vinnies prepared a range of activities for the evening including letter writing, knitting and scenarios that helped them increase their situational awareness of homelessness, while hospitality students set up a soup kitchen providing a simple, delicious and nourishing meal for all participants.

The middle and senior school students quietly met for personal reflection and prayer around campfires in the College’s olive garden. Students and staff were asked to think of someone who was struggling, someone who needed their prayers and to send a prayer of hope and love to them.

As the younger students went home, the remaining Year Five and Six students broke into small groups for deeper learning activities about homelessness, and to consider what society could do to prevent it.

Middle and senior school students made blankets and quilts, sorted more than 30 baskets of donated toiletries, wrapped soaps with inspirational messages and created recreational toys with everyday recyclables.

College Principal Mandy Connor said the activities were designed to show students that everyday things they take for granted can be a luxury for more than 100,000 Australians each year who experience homelessness – items like a blanket, toothbrush, deodorant, shaver and shaving cream, soap, toys and food.

The students had no electronic devices or pillows, and slept in cardboard boxes in their warmest clothes and a blanket.

“Unlike some Australians sleeping rough on the streets, Holy Cross College students were made aware that they had each other, they had their caring teachers and staff, they had protection, they were safe, they were not alone, without food, or blankets, or someone to protect them or comfort them if they were scared,” Ms Connor said.

Over the past eight years the College has raised more than $43,000 for LifeLink. Well done to all involved!

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