Jesus Christ Superstar takes centre stage

30 May 2023

La Salle College made a comeback to the musical scene with a repeat of their 2004 production of Jesus Christ Superstar. With 53 cast members for 2023 including, a 13-piece orchestra, the three-day spectacle was held from 11-13 May.

‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ is a rock, gospel, folk and funk opera about the final days of Jesus from the perspective of Judas Iscariot. Inspired by the Gospel readings, the narrative focuses on the personal conflicts between Jesus, his disciples, the people of Isreal and the leadership of Rome at the time. Special attention was given to the fractured friendship between Judas and Jesus, and Jesus’ relationship with His devoted follower Mary Magdalene.

Director Shellie Rodriguez spoke about the evolvement of the show and preparations leading up:

‘While the storyline for the 2023 production has not changed, some of the settings and the professions of the characters themselves have been altered to reflect a more modern retelling of the plot.

‘The roles of priests and holy men have been replaced by government officials, the temple now a nightclub that works symbolically to demonstrate how sometimes it is the sins of the mind and not our actions themselves that we need redeeming from.

‘Of course, a production like this just ‘can’t happen’ and it is through the work and flexibility of an amazing and large team of students, staff and volunteers that has enabled this production to be a success. Working on a project like this enables our community to really build connections beyond the classroom and beyond the walls of the College.’

Playing Judas, Evie Holdcroft said that she appreciates the people she worked with and the support she has received throughout the process.

‘I had so much fun and it was a privilege to perform on stage. Being up on the set with my co-stars gave me such confidence and joy.

‘The songs, the costumes, the hard-working staff. It was such a dream It is an experience I will never forget.’

Mackenzie Alleway, who played Jesus, dubbed his experience as the ‘best production’ he has been involved in up to date.

‘As a more music centred student I was terrified, not only was it my first time properly acting in front of a big audience but to also convey such an important role in the musical. I felt like someone more talented should of play the role, someone more experienced. I felt like this until our first practice. The moment I walked through those doors I felt nothing but pure belief in myself that I was able to do this.

‘The environment of the musical can only be described as warming. The staff were always enthusiastic and truly believed that everyone could and would be amazing. After every scene I was eager to hear their feedback not only to know how I could improve but just to see how much they care about our success is something I’ll always be grateful for.’

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