Local Hero makes a difference for children with disability 

08 August 2019

What makes a hero? Courage, determination, strength in adversity? Of course 

There are people who live in a way that consistently makes life better for those around them – like Holy Rosary School Doubleview parent Rebecca Watson. 

Rebecca is one of six Westfield Local Hero finalists in her area and is in the running to win $10,000 for a cause close to her heart.

Nominated by Holy Rosary School’s Parents and Friends Association, she became a champion for children with disability when her daughter Marlee was diagnosed with Rett syndrome.  

Marlee had difficulty communicating before she received a computer that assists her in speaking – now her mother, teachers and education assistants at Holy Rosary are helping Marlee and other students with disability use such devices.  

Ms Watson has changed careers to help children who use communication devices at other schools, and speaks publicly with Marlee to spread awareness about what is possible with the right support in place. 

“The more Marlee’s aides learnt, the more expressive she became, it allowed her to be seen and share her thoughts,” Ms Watson said. 

If successful, Ms Watson will put the money towards a wheelchair accessible Sway Fun Glider for Holy Rosary School which allows two wheelchair users and up to eight other children to swing and play together.  

“The glider allows for truly inclusive play, it benefits all children,” Ms Watson said. 

Voting for Westfield Local Heroes is online and closes on 12 August.  

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