Mater Dei Animal Assisted Therapy Program

09 November 2017

The Mater Dei College Wellbeing Service team recently introduced a special new member, LJ a six-year-old Maltese Cross from Shenton Park Refuge. LJ has been introduced as part of the Animal Assisted Therapy Program which aims to involve animals as a form of treatment to improve students social, emotional and cognitive functioning.

LJ, who has one eye and lots of personality, travels around the campus and acts as a companion promoting empathy and wellbeing amongst young people throughout the school.

RSPCA WA dog trainers assessed LJ and found him to be a suitable candidate for companionship due to his good temperament and behaviour. LJ’s breed also makes him the perfect dog for allergy sufferers because of his non-shedding wool coat

Wellbeing Service Counsellor, Janine Hanlon acts as LJ’s guardian providing him a caring home environment where he can rest from a full day of cuddles and love from the Mater Dei community.


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