Mel Maria CPS launches unique Early Childhood Education model

02 July 2024

Mel Maria Catholic Primary School has introduced an innovative Early Childhood Education model at its Pater Noster Campus, aiming to redefine early years education standards. The newly unveiled Early Childhood Campus features exciting learning environments designed to promote student agency and engagement, both indoors and outdoors.

Guided by Principal Paul Hille, and the School Leadership Team, Mel Maria Catholic Primary School is excited to present this pioneering Early Childhood Education model, exclusively tailored for

Pre-Kindergarten to Year Two. Developed in collaboration with Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) and consultants from Notre Dame University, this approach embraces age-appropriate, exciting learning environments aligned with the school motto ‘Excellence in Catholic Education.’

The campus is specifically designed for Early Childhood Education, embracing a holistic learning approach that integrates play-based, inquiry-driven pedagogy and explicit instruction. The educational program not only proves effective incorporating latest research findings.

During a recent visit, CEWA’s Early Childhood Team praised the school for its facility enhancements, noting how they were aligned with contemporary educational research.

Wendy Manners, Team Leader – Early Childhood Education and Care commented:

“It is inspiring to see every child actively engaged in the learning process, with learning spaces designed to encourage exploration.”

Implementing evidence-based practices, the campus offers activities such as ‘loose parts play’ for cognitive development, ‘tumble play’ for brain development, and sensory learning. These opportunities create a dynamic and stimulating environment for young learners, nurturing their growth, and promoting academic success.

Prioritising the development of leadership skills, independence, and self-belief among students, Mel Maria Catholic Primary School addresses the holistic well-being of its learners.

Parents have praised the dedication of the Mel Maria staff which has resulted in significant improvements throughout the school.

Assistant Head of Campus Tia Horsley expressed her gratification, stating, “As a member of staff, contributing to a campus with age-appropriate pedagogy is deeply fulfilling. I can share my expertise and learn from others through the nature-inspired playground.”

The Mel Maria Catholic Primary School Early Learning Campus serves as an example of innovative excellence within the CEWA system. By prioritising innovative teaching methodologies, and placing a strong emphasis on early childhood education, the school reaffirms its commitment to shaping the future of the community’s youngest learners.


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