Premier’s Reading Challenge prize winning students get creative

29 March 2023

Students from Good Shepherd Catholic School in Lockridge took part in a two-hour ‘Awesome Arts’ workshop, exploring the imagination and creativity of students as part of their prize for winning ‘best school’ in this year’s Premier’s Reading Challenge.

The Prize was awarded after more than 200 books were read by Good Shepherd’s students during the Challenge held between May and September.

Year 3 student, Caoimhe said:

“The Premier’s Reading Challenge was cool because everyone got to participate and read books and learn by reading. I am excited because everyone gets together and works as a team to make more friends and create something together instead of making it competitive. I am most excited about getting together to create something awesome with the whole school.”

Jeevith, also year 3 said:

“I enjoyed the Premier’s Reading Challenge because it gave me a challenge to read 10 books a day. I feel excited about Awesome Arts because it gives me a chance to see what other people like to draw and my name will go on it too. I am extremely excited to draw my favourite book character.”

“I really enjoyed the Premier’s Reading Challenge because I love to read books and I was able to help others register too.

“I liked this challenge because we worked together, and we were able to win this prize as a team. I am excited about this workshop because I have always loved to draw and do art and craft,” added Isabella, Year 3.

Premier Mark McGowan said the challenge was an opportunity to develop students’ literacy skills and fuel their imaginations.

“We want children and young people to be inspired to pick up books throughout their lives and learn early on that reading is a pleasure that really can help take you anywhere.”

This year’s Challenge saw 28,200 students read over 300,142 books with Good Shepherd students reading over 200 books.

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