St Mary’s parents rally with community aid post-Seroja

01 June 2021

While most family homes that were in the path of Cyclone Seroja in April have now been restored to a sense of normality, there are still several homes in the mid-west region that have not fared as well. 

St Mary’s School Northampton parent, Trinita Suckling, is one of a team of volunteer parents from the school who have been assisting displaced families, and those with homes still damaged, to get back on their feet, by cooking meals and making school lunches. 

“The dinners started with my cousin being displaced and my consideration of what could be done to help,” said Trinita.

St Mary’s School parents, Trinita and Gemma Suckling, Aimee Carson, Bethwyn Smith and Verity Harriman, cooked meals and prepared school lunches for families affected by Cyclone Seroja.

“Our school principal, Ben Will, and his wife Amy spearheaded a volunteer group that has had a huge impact in the community, 

“Our Town still doesn’t look like our town and it’s not changing in a hurry. We knew people were struggling and in a country town, where things like sports, P&Fs and daycare need hands-on commitment or nothing gets done, this kind of parent support is so important,” she said. 

With rosters arranged to meet the needs of displaced and struggling families, meal and school lunch deliveries will continue until mid-June, when it is expected that all families will have homes again. 

St Mary’s School Principal, Ben Will, said “the selfless efforts by so many in the School is an inspiration for all, 

“It is actions like these that truly represent what all Catholic schools work so hard to be in the communities they serve. There is an understanding that schools are engaged communities with a spirit of service and desire to support others in times of need, 

“I am always impressed by the incredible dedication shown by parents, particularly during times such as these. Parents act as first educators, but they also continue to step up and work tirelessly behind the scenes, when it’s often needed the most,” Mr Will said.

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