Storyteller Katie shares her message of faith

08 December 2019

Renowned Catholic speaker and author Katie Prejean McGrady was among the high-profile attractions headlining Sunday’s opening of the 2019 Australian Catholic Youth Festival. 

Although she doesn’t consider herself famous in the mainstream, “I’m Catholic famous,” she joked, her appearance was a major coup for festival organisers. 

Her dynamic skills as a Catholic speaker secured her place among three delegates last year in Rome for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to the Pre-Synod Meeting on Young People, Faith, and Vocational Discernment. 

Audiences for years have raved about her ability to convey messages of encouragement for those setting out on a journey of love with Christ and the church with a unique presentation style of humour, substantive teachings and engaging stories. 

It is a recipe that has seen her travel extensively since 2007 throughout the United States where she has consistently drawn big audiences. 

“I’m convinced there should be a scale outside confessionals, you come out 50 pounds lighter — it’s the best weight loss program ever,” she joked to a packed theatre today. 

“But seriously, what are you doing in your life to show people that you have faith?” Prejean McGrady asked. 

“Do you take time to pray to God? And I don’t mean treating him like a genie in a bottle.” 

She ended her talk with her two-year-old daughter’s bedtime routine. 

After a couple of stories, they say the Hail Mary. 

“Then we say Jesus thank you for letting me love you,” Prejean McGrady said. 

“And tomorrow help me to love you a little bit more, and a little bit better, so I can share my faith with the people in the world who desperately need it.” 


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