Student-led prayer at Newman

31 July 2020

A new initiative began at Newman College in Term Two, with the College’s two Faith and Liturgy Captains seeking to provide students and staff with opportunities to grow in spiritual experience and reflect. 

Captains Georgia and Tegan (Tiggy) recognised the initiative was important, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and organised the 10-minute prayer time in the College’s Champagnat Chapel with Term Two themes focussing on gratitude and reconciliation, amongst others. 

Georgia said that after initial discussions with Tegan and staff, they felt that having students run the prayer reflections, the prayers would be unique and more relevant to their peers. 

“The prayer mornings have been advertised in different ways, such as on the notices, on Microsoft Teams and at assemblies,” Georgia said. 

“Through conversations and word-of-mouth, we have been able to gain a growing attendance – it has been so rewarding to hear the appreciation from students of the student-led prayers,”

Tegan said that they aimed to continue to promote the Friday morning prayer time in Term Three. 

“We begin in the chapel at 8.20am, which is a time when lots of students are already at school, so it is announced on the P.A. to invite students and teachers as well, 

“We want Friday morning prayer to be something that all students can participate in, so throughout the year we plan to have other College captains as well as younger students help run prayer, with issues or ideas they want to talk and pray about,” 

Georgia said that they hoped the initiative will continue for the rest of the year, and to hand it on to other students to continue further into the future. 

“Both Tiggy and I feel that the student-led prayer group is a special addition to Newman College and helps establish a strong, faith-based community,” 

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