Studio Curious projects continue with Innovation Sprints: Teacher Focus, Leader Focus and Leading Learning Networks

16 March 2017

Image: The Studio Curious team.

The Studio Curious team have moved into the Leederville CEWA office to work on the three Innovation Sprints: Teacher Focus, Leader Focus and Leading Learning Networks.

The Sprints get underway with the Teacher Focus design project. Under the direction of Gabrielle Doyle, Director of Teaching and Learning, the project aims to improve student learning outcomes across the system through exploring the needs and beliefs of teachers about evidence-based practices that have been shown to improve learning outcomes.

The first stage in the process is the Expert Validation process, which will be held over two sessions in March with international and national experts including Lynn Sharratt, John Hattie and Michael Fullan.

The Teacher Focus project nestles within the broader CEWA vision for learning project. The vision draws on multiple inspirations including Catholic theology and Gospel values, international standards, national expectations and State regulatory requirements, and the evidence base built up by senior researchers in the education field about what works in teaching and learning.

After the expert validation process a ‘design tribe’ will be recruited to project of teachers and leaders from across the system.

The next Innovation Sprint, Leader Focus, will kick-off in the next fortnight. This project aims to define and design the new leadership programs to be offered across the system in 2018.

The Studio Curious team will also be hosting an open-house for all Studio Curious Design Thinking Accelerator participants on Thursday, 23rd March at 4.30pm.

Contact the Studio Curious team at for more information.


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