Teachers find direction at orientation sessions

26 February 2019

CEWA’s newest teachers have taken part in orientation programs recently as they begin their journey in Catholic education in WA. 

With 76,000 students at 162 schools and colleges across the State, CEWA provides education in a variety of different regions and circumstances. 

Being part of Catholic education in WA gives teachers a chance to share their passion for learning in a range of educational settings – from small remote schools to large metropolitan colleges – teaching students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. 

Last week in Broome, staff from across the Diocese participated in workshops tailored to the unique needs of the teachers and students from the CEWA’s 13 schools in the region.

Sessions included a workshop focusing on resources and strategies to support students for whom English is an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD). 

There was also a prayer session which CEWA’s Broome Regional Officer Carole Geurts explained centred on the Gospel story of the parable of the Sower, which was demonstrated using the ‘Godly play’ method. 

New staff were given this opportunity to reflect upon praying in different ways back in their classrooms and with their colleagues in their communities,” Ms Geurts said. 

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