ViSN students share history learning with Russian peers

07 April 2020

CEWA pupils from Broome, Geraldton, Manjimup and Perth have had the opportunity to share learnings and perspectives in their Modern History studies with students in Russia. 

The students were first in contact at this year’s CEWA ViSN camp, when the group of Russian students video called to give an overview of the Russian unit the CEWA students were embarking on in Term One. 

Following this initial call, the CEWA students presented Australian perspectives on World War Two studies for their fellow students in the northern hemisphere; Shania, a student at St Norbert’s College, even began the call with a greeting spoken in Russian, with the Russian teacher praising her pronunciation. 

In addition to gaining greater understanding in their history units, the project served as a unique and valuable cultural exchange experience. 

Kylie Kingdon, a teacher at Emmanuel Catholic College and for Year 12 Modern History in CEWA’s ViSN program, said the online connection benefited all involved. 

“This had a very positive impact on my ViSN and face-to-face class as they worked together to complete this task,” Ms Kingdon said. 

“Connections were being made in my classes, throughout the State and the world. It still blows my mind that we can do this!” she said. 

CEWA students were also able to share with their Russian peers about their experiences of remote learning remotely as part of a class spread across the State. 

The project was initiated by Ms Kingdon and Anna Dyagileva, an educator who runs a language institute in Labytnangi, northern Russia. 

Ms Kingdon and Ms Dyagileva had previously worked together remotely on projects, including for a CEWA webinar in 2019.

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