Aboriginal design tie launched at NAIDOC celebrations

02 August 2023

Emmanuel Catholic College celebrated indigenous culture over NAIDOC Week with the launch of a new school tie. This project involved Ballardong Noongar woman Tamara Hayden, a talented artist and aunty to Year 9 student Noah.

The new design was unveiled during a NAIDOC week assembly on Tuesday, 27 June which featured songs from local Aboriginal artist Malachi Malachi Humphreys and other performances.

Inspired by the Noongar manifestation of the rainbow serpent, ‘wargyl’, the tie’s artwork tells the story of the surrounding Beeliar waterways, created by the Wargyl during Dreamtime. The round symbols represent the water holes, rivers, bays and lakes scoured out by the Wargyl with its body.

The ‘U’ shapes in the artwork show the Noongar people living and hunting along the rivers and lakes. The lightning and thunder are represented by the dots and lines, and the other lines are the hills and gullies. The round teal circles are other sacred sights.

The rain the Wargyl brings is represented by the other smaller dots and you can see the Wargyl himself laying silently beneath the river watching and protecting our land, water and people.

Cleo Woon, Year 7 said, ‘I am so excited to be able to wear our new College Aboriginal tie. I love that it represents local Aboriginal culture and I feel that it is very important for us all to respect this culture. I love hearing stories and learning about it as it is all so interesting!’

Noah Hayden, Year 9 said, ‘The tie is a nice design with great colours. I am very proud that my aunty designed it.’

Principal, Mr Paul Watson said, ‘The design of the tie tells the story of the surrounding Beeliar waterways and along with our Indigenous Football Jumper and Netball dress, is one way to show our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culture, both past and present and in wearing these items we can demonstrate our support and solidarity for a fairer more inclusive and just Australia.’

‘This tie is one of two options that students can pair with their uniforms.’

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