Symbolic gifts from Prendiville Catholic College make their way aCross the World during Year of Mercy

01 December 2016


The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, concluding recently on 20 November, was a source of creative reflection and inspiration for CEWA schools, as they joined the worldwide church in celebrating the holy year.

While schools and colleges of the Mercy Tradition organised pilgrimages, and students and staff system-wide took part in service activities, Prendiville Catholic College students undertook a uniquely far-reaching project.

Technology, Innovation, Design & Enterprise (TIDE) students put their glass-working skills, and their rate of production, to the test with their aCross the World initiative; with a goal of sending a hand-made, fused-glass cross to a Catholic school in every country of the world.

They were supported by an extension Humanities class who located geographical areas with highly populated Catholic schools, and Year 9 Religious Education students who sourced specific contact details and addresses for the schools or local Catholic organisation.

The crosses were intended to be received and displayed as a symbol of God’s universal mercy and a sign of solidarity and connection between Catholic school students that transcended physical distances.

One cross was given to Sr Margaret McInerney, to carry to a school in Kenya. It was decided that the cross would go to Matuu Primary School, located in a rural market town, and the oldest school in its area.

Sr McInerney presented the cross to the Head Teacher during a celebration held by the school community. It was blessed by the parish priest, and will be displayed publicly at the school along with a written explanation of the Jubilee of Mercy connection shared between the two schools.

Matuu Primary School were also presented with a framed photograph of the student who created their cross handing it to Sr McInerney for delivery.



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