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Catholic Education Western Australia’s approach to learning is underpinned by evidence-based research, draws on the experiences and expertise of some of the world’s leading education experts and is enabled by a specialist Teaching & Learning team who support teachers to deliver the best learning outcomes for all students.

Our Vision for Learning provides a model for teacher practices, the creation of dedicated learning teams through Professional Learning Communities, and a Global Knowledge Consensus. Being actively responsive to opportunities to enhance and support the learning and development of children and young people has always been central to the strategic thinking of Catholic Education Western Australia.

Our digital ecosystem is a revolutionary platform being developed to enable Catholic schools and colleges across Western Australia to become more connected and to enhance today’s capabilities for learning and teaching. At Catholic schools, students are encouraged to challenge themselves through programs that are designed to foster positive and stimulating learning experiences.

Our enrichment programs offer personalised learning characterised by flexibility, quality not quantity, creativity, and challenge.