Purchase of 50 Ruislip Street for Catholic Education Office Western Australia Timelines: Historical Timeline

As the Catholic Education office site on Salvado Road, Wembley was proving inadequate, Dr Tannock, as the new Director began to seek out other premises. Sister Leonie O’Brien who was a staff member at Catholic Education Office asked Dr Tannock if he knew about the Home of the Good Shepherd in Leederville as the Sisters were wanting to sell the premises.

During an inspection of the premises it was noted by Dr Tannock that whilst the building had outward beauty and elegance, it was in a poor condition. A key attraction was that the premises sat on twelve acres of land, some of which could be sold to fund the restoration.

Architect Marcus Collins was called in to deal with the sensitive heritage issues and began a long standing collaboration with Catholic authorities.

Michael King a staff member at CEOWA was alerted about a stained glass window depicting Christ as the Good Shepherd which was for sale in a York antiques shop. After travelling to York it was identified as having come from the Home of the Good Shepherd, now the newly renovated Catholic Education Centre. The glass still sits in the place it had first occupied in 1902.

In 1986, the 84 year association of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd with their Leederville site came to an end.  The Catholic Education Commission of WA became the building’s new owner.  The adjacent St Clare’s School was relocated.