Catholic Education leadership to be strengthened through new Charter

02 December 2016


During 2016, CEWA engaged Philomena Billington, former Director of Catholic Education Sandhurst and WA Catholic school principal, to lead the development of the CEWA Leadership Charter; a vital document that will eventually succeed the CEWA Leadership Framework.

Ms Billington worked with a reference group of CEWA staff throughout the year, and a draft of the Charter will be complete by December. A planned consultation phase for 2017 will refine the document from draft form.

leadThe Leadership Charter is intended to articulate the personal attributes and professional competencies leaders require to achieve the holistic development of their staff and students in a climate of ongoing and seismic cultural, religious, social, scientific and technological change.

It is envisaged that the Charter will apply to staff at all levels of CEWA, including school-based personnel (administrative staff, teachers, middle and senior leaders and principals) and those who serve at CEWA offices.

Dr Shane Glasson, a member of the reference group and Project Leader of the CEWA Talent Identification Project, said that the LEAD (Learning, Engagement, Accountability and Discipleship) strategic direction had informed the development of the Charter.

“The Charter is significant because it will help us to use the LEAD lens to influence the way we identify, form, appoint and review our existing and future leaders,” Dr Glasson said.

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