CEWA collaboration with world leaders in education

02 December 2016


LEADing Lights, Catholic Education Western Australia’s system strategy for digital transformation, is being implemented in collaboration with some of the world’s best educators and initiatives.

CEWA has just signed an Education Transformation Collaboration Framework with the Helsinki City Education Department, and from early 2017 will be making use of ClanEd, the same intelligent professional learning platform used by Finnish educators and others around the world.

Since it implemented huge education reforms 40 years ago, Finland’s school system has consistently been at the top of international education system rankings, and CEWA will be collaborating with Finnish teachers and education experts to enrich learning experiences for students and staff in WA and Finland alike.

CEWA Head of Digital Transformation Aidan McCarthy said that the ClanEd technology will create new opportunities for CEWA teachers to undertake professional learning directly relevant to their needs.

“ClanEd will enable teachers to produce professional learning and teaching experiences that can support other staff, and students, across the entire system,” he said.

“It differs from traditional professional learning systems as it recommends professional learning to learners based on their competency and interest.

“This is very similar to the way products like Amazon, iTunes or YouTube suggest content of interest, only this time it is about learning – we believe this is worth getting excited about.”

ClanEd will be used to facilitate one of LEADing Light’s first three projects – Personal Learning & Development, where users will be able to set their preferences in an easy to navigate dashboard. It will be available to staff from February 2017, along with projects Concierge and CEWA365.

Concierge is a single username to access all the software and services in LEADing Lights, including Personal Learning & Development through ClanEd, while CEWA365 will enable access to the same services, support and content for staff across the whole system. Students are set to be provided with access to the same resources from April 2017.

“The completion of Concierge and CEWA365 is noteworthy because it provides the foundation for educators to seamlessly communicate, access and share curriculum across the system,” Mr McCarthy said.

A digital ecosystem, LEADing Lights is about transforming learning for all to provide a world-class Catholic education system where all students, staff and parents flourish.

CEWA Executive Director, Dr Tim McDonald, said it was important to develop as a community to be entirely focused on meeting the contemporary needs of students, parents, staff and school communities in rapidly changing times.

“Based on a proven foundation of Australian and global best practice and research, this digital transformation will empower all of us to reimagine the way we teach, learn and serve in order to deliver world-class learning experiences,” he said.


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