CEWA Pioneers use of cutting-edge digital technology in Australian Education

13 February 2017

LEADing Lights is already taking shape in exciting ways in 2017. Just this week, 2,000 “Micro:bit” devices arrived at the Catholic Education WA Leederville office, ready to be delivered to 50 Catholic schools where students will use them to learn Technology and Design.

Designed by the BBC in the UK, these impressive education devices have been described as “pocket-sized codeable computers”, and CEWA is the largest education system in Australia using Micro:bits.

Additionally, several other technical programs are rolling out with progress on the following:

Project Concierge and CEWA365

CEWA has been selected as a key education system to pilot the Microsoft Teams application in Office 365, which provides a single space for groups to discuss, share files, and talk.

As Term 1 nears its conclusion, staff will hear more about our new streamlined digital identity, known as Concierge, that will enable single sign on to CEWA applications and Office 365.


Several CEWA programs are creating content and building professional learning experiences using the Personal and Professional Learning platform, ClanEd. These resources will soon open to staff across CEWA.

As we move closer to having new identity and single sign on, Office 365 + Teams, and ClanEd, staff will receive information about what will change, how to access new services, and how to learn more about using them. Digital guidebooks are being created that highlight how schools can use the applications.

Schools will soon be hearing about how the Digital Transformation LEAD Teachers and Teacher Fellows will support them through the year.


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