Education inspires Emmanuel alumni to give back to rural community

21 June 2023

Education has the power to transform lives and create opportunities. That is why Caitlin Arnoldi, Emmanuel Catholic College alumni, is currently on a mission to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged students in rural communities through not-for-profit organization Teach Learn Grow (TLG).   

Caitlin’s work aims to provide academic and wellbeing support to disadvantaged students in rural areas across Western Australia. 

Caitlin said she is grateful to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to bridging the education gap in Australia. 

‘As a volunteer for TLG, I have the honour of impacting students’ lives, empowering them to ignite a passion for education and envision a future filled with endless opportunities. Beyond academic support, I strive to provide a nurturing environment where I can serve as a role model and source of comfort and safety in the students’ lives.  

‘Through my fundraising efforts for TLG, I actively contribute to the organisation’s mission of ensuring that no student is left behind, regardless of their geographical circumstances.’ 

Having been fortunate enough to receive a quality education, Caitlin pledged her commitment to ensuring that others have equal access to this opportunity.  

‘The Emmanuel community has had a tremendous impact on my passion for serving and empowering those in need the unwavering support and guidance from my teachers. The genuine connections I made with them instilled in me a desire to make a positive impact on the students I will one day teach.  

‘My aim is to provide them with the same level of compassion and kindness that I received. Witnessing the genuine excitement and encouragement from my teachers when I achieved academic or personal milestones, fuelled my determination to consistently strive for excellence in every aspect of my life.’ 

Caitlin spoke of the exposure to the rich culture of First Nations people she received through Year 11 and 12: 

’The texts we explored offered a comprehensive insight into the history and struggles of Aboriginal Australians, exposing the injustices they faced and how it continues to affect them today. This exposure to historical injustice sparked a strong determination within me to make an impact. Consequently, my passion for serving those in need was ignited, driving me to pursue volunteering opportunities with TLG.’ 

‘Additionally, Emmanuel fostered a culture of Christian Service, prompting me to dedicate approximately 90 hours to serving the community without the expectation of reward or recognition. This experience ignited a deep passion and unwavering commitment within me to serve and empower those in need.’ 

Caitlin hopes that raising awareness and challenging the taboo surrounding this topic will result in a more equal and inclusive educational system. 

‘It saddens me that the educational disadvantages faced by remote children in Australia often go unnoticed or disregarded by those in urban areas. Additionally, the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in educational under-performance is a pressing issue that requires attention.  

Envisioning the next 5 year, Caitlin plans to complete her degree in Primary Education and volunteer for TLG in rural schools around the state. 

‘Additionally, I aspire to expand my volunteering experience internationally, immersing myself in diverse cultures around the world. Once I obtain my degree, my goal is to contribute to education in a rural school within Australia on a full-time basis.’ 

To donate to Caitlin’s cause, CLICK HERE. 

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