Home is where the Art is: Iona students embrace creativity

08 May 2020

Students at Iona Presentation College started Term Two with Production Arts Week, with opportunities to celebrate colour, creativity and innovation. 

“This year’s theme was ‘Home is where the Art is!’,” said Lisa Corbett, the College’s Head of Production Arts. 

“We wanted to remind students that their love of Production Arts can be explored and developed from any location, whether they are at home, in the park, at one of our campus studios or in the garden shed,” 

Students were encouraged to take part in drawing competitions, tutorials and online gallery visits.  

They were also invited to embrace their creativity by participating in the new recycled art co-curricular program. 

“Embracing creativity strengthens us as individuals and as a community,” Ms Corbett said. 

We are not just talking about artistic creativity, we are encouraging our students to problem solve, be innovative and be flexible with their thought processes,” 

Iona’s recycled art co-curricular program encourages students to examine found and recycled artworks and use this as inspiration for their own projects. 

“We will be inspired by artworks which have been constructed entirely from found, discarded and/or upcycled materials,” said Ms Corbett. 

“This week, our students worked on Oshibana inspired creations, by utilising flowers and other botanical materials found at home and at school, 

The work was inspired by Perth based artist, Erin Jago,” she said. 

“The students carefully arranged the flowers, petals, leaves and other organic materials in circular patterns, 

These works will be developed further by adding drawings, stitching and weaving, before being encased in clear individual Perspex cases.”

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