I Call my Anxiety… BOB: Student-author assures young ones they are ‘not alone’

10 October 2023

Nathan Richards, Year two student at Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School in Rockingham, has authored an enlightening book, “I Call my Anxiety… BOB.” This book offers a unique perspective on managing anxiety while drawing inspiration from his firsthand experiences and school community.

Nathan’s mother Krysti Richards spoke about the idea behind the book, and some of the inspirational messages he hopes to impart to readers.

‘I Call my Anxiety… BOB” was written and illustrated by Nate Richards when he was six years old. Nate drew all the pictures in the book, he would sit down every day and draw a picture until every page was done. We then worked with an illustrator to bring his pictures to life and add some cool backgrounds.

He wanted to share how he controls the feelings of worry and nervousness that he would feel when trying new things.

‘The way he did this was by making his anxiety into a little person who lives in his brain, this made it much easier for him to understand those big feelings!

By imagining what those little people look like and saying some special words you can start making them less scared and nervous, therefore making you feel less scared and nervous! Nathan has some special words that he says to BOB and through his book, he shares those words with other children who are experiencing anxiety.

‘There is even a blank page for you to draw your own version of BOB – you can draw it however you want and give it a name.’

‘It was fun drawing all the pictures and then seeing them come to life in a real book! When 1,000 copies turned up at my front door it was cool! It was also fun being interviewed on the radio,’ Nathan said when asked what his favourite part about authoring was.

Nathan added he hopes all children could read his book because authoring the book has helped him deal with his anxiety.

‘I would love other kids to start to overcome those nervous feelings and do all the fun things they want to do. I know how hard it can be to miss out because you are nervous or worried about things changing or being new.’

When Nathan is not busy writing, he enjoys doing regular kid activities including playing sports like basketball, footy, swimming, colouring and hanging out with his three siblings. His family labelled him a ‘fantastic chef’ who loves to cook for family.

Order your copy of ‘I Call my Anxiety…BOB’ online at www.krystirichards.com. The cost of a book is $29.95 and Krysti can deliver or post the books.



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