Mater Christi embrace NAIDOC week

01 August 2023

Mater Christi Catholic Primary School commemorations of NAIDOC Week sparked a remarkable journey of cultural awareness and appreciation.

Throughout the week, students participated in various activities, delving into the rich history and diverse cultures of Indigenous Australians. From storytelling sessions to art workshops, the children actively embraced the learning experiences, gaining a deeper understanding of reconciliation and cultural significance.

School staff proudly donned specially designed NAIDOC shirts from Yarn Marketplace, to show support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. This gesture showcased the school’s commitment to fostering a community that values and respects the traditions and history of Australia’s First Nations people.

Reflecting on the highlight of the week, Daniel said ’My favourite activity was reading the dreamtime story ‘How the kangaroo got his tail’ because it was very interesting. It is important to learn about NAIDOC Week so that we know the Aboriginal people were here before us.’

John added, ‘In Art we read the book ‘Somebody’s Land’ afterwards we got to make stories with Aboriginal symbols.’

‘My favourite activity was making The Rainbow Serpent. It is important to learn about NAIDOC Week because the Aboriginal and Islander people share our land,’ said Ari.

Rosanne added, ‘We celebrate the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people because they are the first people that came to Australia.’

‘My favourite activity was the NAIDOC collaborative colouring in, everyone got a piece to colour and then when all of us finished the pieces got put together to say NAIDOC. It is important to learn about NAIDOC Week because this is the land of our Indigenous brothers and sisters that we now live on. We have a responsibility to help keep it nice, clean, and safe,’ said Devyn.

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