OLA community donates uniforms to support education of less-privileged students

01 July 2020

Our Lady’s Assumption School in Dianella has undertaken a re-brand, updating the school crest that was in use for many years, with new uniforms bearing the crest being phased in. 

With many of the old uniforms in good condition, the school community have collected approximately 20 boxes of uniforms to donate to charity, Uniform Rescue. 

Uniform Rescue takes uniforms that cannot be reused locally due to branding, and organises their delivery to students in less privileged communities internationally, supporting the students’ education while diverting usable garments from landfill. 

Our Lady’s Assumption Principal, Greg Martin, said that the donations reflected the School’s values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence. 

“We are proud to support children who otherwise may not have access to school uniforms,” Mr Martin said. 

The School will continue to support Uniform Rescue’s work this year, with another uniform drive planned for the end of 2020 to collect any more items that are unused after Terms Three and Four.

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