Queen of Apostles Open Night Showcases Captivating Student Artwork Exhibition

03 November 2022

Students at Queen of Apostles School have transformed their school into a rainbow of colour as a result of a specialised art programme being implemented.

As an introduction to the newly-implemented program at Queen of Apostles, the exhibition showcases the artistic talents of students throughout the school. The exhibition allows students to proudly present their hard work and talents to their loved ones and peers, including past students of the school, who attended the function on Wednesday night.

Students from all age groups, Pre-Primary to Year Six, collaborated in the creation of the Queen of Apostles Art Exhibition, which will run over the duration of the coming weeks. Projects completed over the course of the school year were based upon manipulating the colour wheel, with students mixing and blending tints and shades to create their art pieces.

Speaking about the opportunities provided by the art programme, year 6 student Mariah said:

‘I like having art in our school because there are more opportunities to go broader in our art and learn new styles.’

…there was a sense of pride and joy in showing others what you made and they were able to experience the joy you felt when you created your art work.

Luke, Yr 6

Year Six students created the ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ exhibition, utilising paper-mache to produce dog-like figurines as well as water-coloured paintings, inspired by dogs of their choosing. Year Five students also showcased their paper-mache talents, creating the ‘Cow Parade’  exhibition – inspired by international art exhibit ‘Cow Parade’ that features across 800 cities globally, including the South West of Western Australia. Year Four students were responsible for the construction of ‘Kandinsky inspired’ Tree Art, focusing upon colour blending and the incorporation of contrasting colours. Students within the same year group also created ‘Monster Pinch Pots’, created using air-dried clay that were then hand-painted by students.

Inspired by the recent visit of the Van Gogh Alive Exhibition in Perth, Year One, Two and Three students collaborated on the ‘Van Gogh inspired’ art exhibition – recreating iconic ‘Starry Night’, ‘Almond Blossoms’ and ‘Sunflowers’ artwork series. Throughout the creation of this area of the exhibition, students focused upon the incorporation of textures, whilst blending their own colours to make their artwork dance. Continuing with the ‘Van Gogh inspired’ art were the Pre-Primary students, utilising their cutting and placement skills through the creation of card sunflowers.

Luke, also year 6, noted that ‘there was a sense of pride and joy in showing others what you made and they were able to experience the joy you felt when you created your art work.’

He went on to say he enjoyed art because ‘it is a thing where you can make your imagination run wild and every idea is a good idea, and if you make a mistake it sometimes makes your piece better.‘

The exhibition has been well-received amongst students, teachers and family members. Queen of Apostles aims for the exhibition to be the start of a permanent implementation of the specialist art program, allowing students to express themselves, explore their artistic talents and create a colourful school community.

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