Santa Maria College students target domestic violence in advocacy project

14 September 2017

Year 12 students at Santa Maria College have attracted 12,000 views to a video they created as a part of an advocacy project undertaken by students studying Children, Family and the Community as a part of their course.

The students came up with the idea of creating a video campaign called “Just One Thing”, to collect donations and raise awareness about domestic violence. The campaign focused on encouraging people to donate just one thing to assist those who are experiencing domestic violence and transitioning into a new home.

The video has had a great impact in creating awareness and as a result they have received a significant amount of donations. They have also received great support from the Santa Maria College school community, as well as the school community at Mel Maria and the St Joseph Pignatelli Parish.

The donations are being given to Starick, an organisation that helps women and children escape domestic violence.

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