Student leaders set tone with Code of Conduct 

04 December 2019

Student representatives recently unveiled a Students Code of Conduct for Sacred Heart College

The development of the code began when Principal Peter Bothe met with the Head Boy and Head Girl to ask them what mark they would like to leave on the College.

From this meeting the idea of the Student Code of Conduct came about, and the three work shopped around the theme of ‘How do you want to feel at school, and what would that look like?’.

The Vice Captains from each house in each year group were then invited to join the process, and talked about what they thought it meant to feel safe and included at their College.

From here the Vice Captains were responsible for taking the discussion back to their pastoral care groups, to include a broader range of students in the work shopping; this input then made its way back via house Captains and Vice Captains to be finalised by the Head Boy, Head Girl and Principal.

The Students Code of Conduct was introduced at a recent assembly, where its six components were introduced as the need to feel Safe, Included, Challenged and Encouraged, Respected, Happy, and Proud of the School.

Each of the components is broken down to outline how students can act to achieve the code’s aims for the College community.





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