Students create video to help ask “R U OK?”

21 September 2020

St Francis’ School celebrated R U OK? Day in Term Three with a range of activities, including a dance workshop, cupcake baking, and the creation of a video. 

The St Francis’ video was inspired by and based on an official R U OK? animation giving children and young people tips on how to talk with friends who seem upset, telling a story that goes through the steps of Ask, Listen, Encourage Action, and Check In.


Students worked with St Francis’ School Youth Worker, Alex Mubanga to produce their video. 

Mr Mubanga said that the goal of the project was to help students learn about mental health while actively engaging in the creation and production of the video, and teachers and staff members were aware of their important key roles as the trusted adults that the video talks about. 

While the importance of reaching out to support others was the primary learning outcome of the project, the chance to direct, shoot, act in, narrate and edit the video taught students practical skills and provided opportunities to collaborate as part of a team. 

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