Talking space and Asteroid Day

26 June 2020

The importance of STEM learning is widely accepted and promoted across the CEWA system, with no shortage of examples of engaging STEM learning activities from Catholic schools, as well as the hugely successful CEWA STEM Showcase events.

This week, on Tuesday 30 June, presents an opportunity for CEWA STEM educators to explore space with students on Asteroid Day.

The Asteroid Day initiative started in 2014, and the United Nations officially designated it as the international day of awareness and education about asteroids in 2016.

Asteroid day is intended to inspire people to learn about the solar system and serves as an opportunity to teach about the science, opportunities and risks of asteroids.

One CEWA school that will continue learning about space after Asteroid Day this week is St Joseph’s School in Northam, where students will be able to join an online discussion and Q&A with panel guests from Blue Origin, a US-based private space agency.

The discussion will enable students to hear about how a passion for STEM has contributed to the guest’s space-industry careers, and the students will get a glimpse of real technology being developed for space travel through videos of the company’s ‘New Shepard’ re-usable launch vehicle.

St Joseph’s students are not new to unique opportunities for learning about space, with previous visits from experts and a project that enabled them to contribute to the Falcon Telescope Network.


Is your class celebrating Asteroid Day? We would love to hear your stories and see photos – tag CEWA on social media or submit them here. 

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