‘Tough Night Out’ for Ursula Frayne students in support of Vinnies

14 October 2022

It was a ‘Tough Night Out’ for Ursula Frayne Catholic College students taking part in the first edition of the event, organised by Vinnies to help support young people experiencing homelessness in WA.

The event raises funds towards Passages Youth Engagement Hubs, located in Perth and Mandurah. A joint venture between Vinnies WA and Rotary Perth and Mandurah, Passages was established as a result of the growing rate of youth homelessness in Western Australia, and the need for a unique specialist engagement service.

Year 9 student, Madeleine said:

‘The Tough Night Out was not only an eye-opening experience for youths but also allowed me as an individual to develop a deeper understanding of the harsh and unfortunate reality some people face.

‘At first, the idea of sleeping at school intrigued me, but during the event I discovered there was a deeper meaning – not everyone is as fortunate as me.’

Asked about the most challenging part of the event, Madeleine said:

‘Trying to fall asleep and finding comfort, I could not even begin to imagine the extreme environment homeless people experience daily.’

Ivanna, year 12, said the Tough Night Out is important because ‘it raises awareness for homelessness through a more relatable avenue, by immersing ourselves in the first-hand experiences they face.’

Meanwhile Jasmine, Year 8, noted that the event ‘responds to the need for helping the homeless population in Western Australia, and it helps young people understand the true life and challenges of being a homeless person.’

Speaking of the challenging nature of the event, Connie (Year 9) said:

‘The most challenging part of the event was definitely the interruptions to our sleep, in particular the music which was played at random times during the night. Just when I thought I had been able to get to sleep, I was woken up, and in the end it felt like I hadn’t slept at all. It was an eye-opening experience.’

Niamh Kiely, Manager of Homelessness Services at Vinnies WA said:

‘We’re grateful to everyone who took part, donated or supported the event. It was particularly wonderful to see so many young people in schools take part. Thank you to all of you for helping change lives with us.’

Funds raised through Vinnies Tough Night Out will go towards funding Passages Youth Engagement Hubs in WA. If you’d like to support Vinnies visit www.vinniestoughnightout.org.au.

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