VET 2023 – Abdi Ibsa Eba (Aranmore Catholic College) Success Story

Abdi Ibsa’s Vocation Education and Training (VET) journey is a success story proving that with passion and hard work, anything is possible.

Born and raised in Ethiopia, Abdi came to Australia under the refugee program with his siblings and uncle. His parents passed away when he was at a young age. Although he initially faced language barriers, Abdi expressed that the support received from his Vet coordinators and peers at Aranmore Catholic College have encouraged him to gain confidence and discover his talents in the automotive technology field.

His skills did not go unnoticed – Abdi was offered a pre apprenticeship at Mirrabooka Mechanic and Tyre Service. Mentored by Steve who happens to be an Aranmore graduate, Abdi has learned many aspects of the job and is becoming more confident in his trait.

For now, Abdi plans to focus on his work at the workshop and further enhance his skills and experience so that he will have the opportunity to secure a full-time job in this field.

Wishing Abdi all the best in his endeavours!

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