VET – Success Stories (overall)

Studying a Vocational Education and Training (VET) program at school offers practical skills and hands-on training, allowing students to develop industry-specific knowledge and expertise whilst still at school.

This practical experience enhances students’ employability skills and prepares them for their future career. VET Programs also offer pathways to further education, enabling students to continue their studies in a specific trade or industry. Additionally, participating in a VET program can boost students’ confidence and self esteem as they gain real-world industry experience and see the direct impact of their learning.

Overall, VET programs have offered students a solid foundation for future success. Each year the School Curriculum and Standards Authority invite students, through their school, to nominate for the VET Awards.

These students then attend an interview and if selected can be invited to another interview to be chosen to receive the VET Beazley Award which is the most prestigious academic award for secondary students.

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