W.A.R.M. Strategic Planning by Sacred Heart Goomalling

15 February 2022

Sacred Heart Primary School Goomalling in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt, has undertaken to complete their 2021-2024 strategic plan using a simple and heartfelt acronym; W.A.R.M.

The acronym encompasses the school’s vision and direction for the future as well as capturing the character of the small, 60-student school.

In close consultation with the school’s stakeholders and local rural community, the planning team worked closely within CEWA’s “Quality Catholic Education” framework in developing a common language that would connect the school to broader Catholic education policies and vision.Sacred Heart Principal, Chris Burns, steered the project and was pleased with the extensive preparation process that included receiving feedback from students, staff and parent advisory groups as well as the local parish.

“Everybody was able to name things that were working really well, and that’s down to past leadership as well as the staff and students here at the school”

“Most importantly, for us at Sacred Heart, it has been the culture of the school. Even before I got there. It’s about meeting people where they’re at and showing what a good Catholic school is about. And that’s about forming quality relationships first and at the same time, weaving in the good news of the fact that we are a Catholic school, and the parish is a wonderful support, and Father Daniel helps us on that mission as well,” he said.

Former P&F President and Sacred Heart Primary School parent, Kate Candeloro, is a local Parish member and is proud of the history and support from the wider Goomalling community.

“People are always helping when needed. We have no problem with the fundraising side of things…  fundraising starts with friend raising and so we do a lot of fundraising, including for funerals. It’s not so much thought of as fundraising, though in that aspect, we feel like we’re doing a community service to whoever is in need,” she said.

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