Fremantle hosts a forum for leaders working in Catholic Education

06 November 2023

Catholic Education WA Executive Director Dr Debra Sayce

Over 160 leaders working in Catholic Education across Australia, including NCEC Executive Director Hon Jacinta Collins, gathered in Fremantle last month for the National School Improvement Colloquium.

Under the theme ‘Pathways of Hope’, attendees considered topics which are not only important for today’s Catholic schools but for the future of Catholic education including: how to build inclusive schools; recruiting, training and supporting classroom ready teachers to address the workforce shortages; what are the best ways to partner with our First Nations students and their families; and how to engage with our parents.

The Colloquium is a valuable opportunity for Catholic education leaders and educators to come together to learn from each other, support best practice and gain vital professional development. It encouraged attendees to consider how planning, data informed practices and effective review are inter-connected.

Chair of CECWA Eva Skira

At the opening of the Colloquium Catholic Education WA Executive Director Dr Debra Sayce spoke of the rich history Catholic schools in Western Australian and the important place Fremantle as many of the founders of religious orders who spread to the most remote corners of Western Australia would have begun their mission there.

Throughout the two days attendees could participate 30 concurrent sessions facilitated by colleagues from across the systems bringing context, innovation, and high impact school improvement strategy. They also heard from Tracey Ezard with the program facilitated by Brendan Spillane.

More information about the Colloquium can be accessed here.

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