Good Shepherd Catholic School, Lockridge, Triumphs in The Premier’s Reading Challenge

13 November 2023

Students from Good Shepherd Catholic School in Lockridge have clinched victory in ‘The Premier’s Reading Challenge’, emerging as the winners in the 401 to 600 student category.

The victory is a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of the students at Good Shepherd Catholic School, who embraced the challenge with zeal, showcasing their commitment to reading and literacy.

A special mention must be made for the school’s exceptional Library Technician, Mrs. Tomazin, who not only played a pivotal role in supporting and guiding the students but also emerged as the undisputed winner of the inaugural Challenge Champion of Champions.

Mrs. Tomazin’s passion for literature and her outstanding contribution have undoubtedly played a crucial role in the school’s success.

Rosie, Year 4 said:

“It was lots of fun being in a competition. It also made me push harder to read more. It was really exciting how everyone participated and gave it a go”.

“It was really fun, and it had some educational purposes to it. It also encourages children to read more. Keep on reading!” added Austin, Year 5.

Whilst Ruby, Year 6 said “It was really good because it gave everyone a chance to read and have fun.”

And Lucy, Year 3 added “I think it made some people help them read more. It was lots of fun for everyone to be competitive. We are very happy our school won.”

Alexis Year 4 commented “I liked reading the books and I got an interview with the Premier’s Reading Challenge. I can’t wait until next year.”

“It was really good because it gave everyone a chance to read and have fun.”

Ruby, Year 6

This is the second year Good Shepherd has won The Premier’s Reading Challenge, which was established in 2022. Through this program, students are encouraged to read more books and foster a love for reading. The challenge has improved literacy levels by providing a structured platform that not only raises the profile of reading but encourages reluctant readers to read.

“I read lots of books and I learnt lots of new things and different things too. You could win lots of prizes. It was really lots of fun,” said Ophelia, Year 1.

“I liked reading with my dad. I read big chapter books. I read to my brother and sister. I was very excited about the Premier’s Reading Challenge,” added Ellie, Year 1.

Finally, Percy Year 2 said: “It was really good because you could read by yourself and have time to read. Also, it was fun helping the school. It’s pretty good we won.”

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