Media Information

CEWA understands journalists need to report the news and may require access to schools, students and staff. Every situation is different and we ask you contact the CEWA communications team for all media requests.


Filming, photography and interviews at CEWA schools

Media must seek permission from the Principal before any filming, photography or interviews on a CEWA school site. All media enquiries must be directed to the CEWA communications team via our contact form or if urgent, please call 0482 466 936.


Bereavement and tributes

Should a tragedy occur which impacts a school community, we ask that media respects the privacy and wishes of the school and affected families. There may be a delay in releasing details due to Police confirming with next-of-kin. Schools cannot release unconfirmed or unauthorised details. Photographs and other mementoes held by the school will only be released with the permission of the bereaved family.


Social Media Content

CEWA asks that media do not use content held on official school or student's personal social media accounts, including photographs, videos and comments. Should you require such content, please email or call 0482 466 936.