Social-savvy priest inspires young people to tweet with God 

10 December 2019

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… social media can help you find answers to vital questions about life and faith.

This was the message from Dutch priest and author Father Michel Remery at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival this week. 

“Amazing questions and great meetings with young people inspired by #OnlineSaints at #ACYF2019 in Perth!” he tweeted on Sunday. 

Fr Remery’s presentations Online with Saints: Is there social media in heaven? and Tweeting with GOD: How to be a Christian online and offline? added a distinctive international flavour to the festival. 

Do you sometimes wonder how to tell others that you believe in God? Are you afraid of what they may think? Or possibly you are not so sure about what you believe?” he asked the young festivalgoers. 

You may have many other important questions about life and faith . . . the key to finding an answer is to grow in friendship with God.  

But how do you do this? How can you reach out to a God you cannot see? Can social media and online tools help you? 

Fr Remery said everyone can learn to communicate, or ‘tweet’ with God. 

Author of the book Tweeting with GODFr Remery is an authority on Catholic social media. 

He has been member of an advisory committee on new media and young people at the Vatican Office for Internet Affairs and served as the secretary of the Commission for Social Communications and the Commission for Catechesis, Schools and Universities for the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences. 

Fr Remery wrote his book to demonstrate the logic of the faith and show how everything is connected to God’s love for every individual human being. 

“Tweeting is in itself a social activity, because you share something with (potential) readers,” he explained on his website. 

One important aspect of #TwGOD is that it is not aimed at passing on dry, theoretical information, 

The goal is to help people grow in their relationship with God, to literally start ‘Tweeting with GOD’ in prayer. 

For more information and resources from Tweeting with God, visit:
Instagram: @TweetingWithGod
Facebook: TweetingWithGod
Twitter: @TwGOD_en
YouTube: Tweeting With God 

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