St Joseph’s Feast Day Celebration: Students Spread Kindness and Joy through Community Outreach

04 April 2023

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Pemberton celebrated St Joseph’s Feast Day on Monday 20 March with a series of outreach activities to help people in the wider Pemberton community. The school’s staff and students organised a range of initiatives to honour the patron saint of fathers, workers, and the universal Church.

The activities included food drives, a visit to the Pemberton nursing home, cleaning rubbish off the streets of Pemberton and collecting donations for the needy. The school’s staff and students worked together to create food hampers, which they distributed to people in the community who are struggling with hardship.

Phoenix, a child in Year 2 remarked:

‘My heart was full of happiness and love because I was helping people in our community.’

‘We wanted to celebrate St Joseph’s Feast Day by reaching out to those in need in our community.

‘St Joseph was known for his kindness and generosity, and we wanted to follow in his footsteps by giving back to our community,’ said Principal Nicolle Achmad.

The students at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School also learned about St Joseph’s life and teachings. They were reminded of the importance of compassion, kindness, and helping those in need. The school’s staff and students participated in a special liturgy, where they offered prayers and reflections on St Joseph’s life and work.

‘The Feast of St Joseph is an opportunity for us to reflect on our faith and to put our beliefs into practice,’ said Father Edwin, the parish priest.

‘I am delighted to see the students of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School putting their faith into action and reaching out to help others.’

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School has a strong commitment to community outreach and social justice. The school’s staff and students regularly participate in a range of charitable activities, including fundraising events and food drives. Their efforts have made a significant impact on the local community, helping to support people in need.

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