World Day Against Trafficking in Persons – it’s time to Shop for Good

28 July 2020

This week CEWA are raising awareness of modern slavery, culminating in recognition of United Nations World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on 30 July.

Yesterday we shared a link to the Slavery Footprint survey, providing information on slavery in the supply chains of products we buy, and today we invite you to learn more about ethics and consumption via the Shop for Good Facebook page.

The Shop for Good page is full of content to help us learn about how our personal, professional, school and parish purchases can be ethically responsible. Take a look, and please share the resources with family, friends, and from your school Facebook page.

Some businesses claim to follow ethical standards but cannot articulate a system or process for how they do this, other than visiting a supplier factory or organisation once a year.

While the intention may be good, this is inadequate to ensure ethical conduct by producers and their agents.

Ethical production must be transparent, evidence-based and demonstrate an ongoing standard of human rights due diligence, such as Fairtrade certification.

Shop For Good has loads of informative posts to help us use our purchasing power for the common good, and to support businesses that take their ethics seriously.

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